Briefly in English

JCI Savonlinnan seutu organizes JCI Finland regional election meeting ”Kasvun Siemen” 13.-15.9.2019 in Savonlinna. Kasvun Siemen means The Seed of Growth, which is the theme of conference.

You will experience unforgettable training, networking and celebration weekend. During the weekend we will vote positions for the year 2020. Bravest members will debate in regional debating competition and we will hear local stories of success. The weekend will culminate to gala in fascinating medieval castle, St. Olaf Castle. Castle is worldwide known as stage of Savonlinna Opera Festivals and also the northest medieval castle of the world.

Program includes trainings and speeches about growth, workshop about World Congress 2019 Tallinn and fun program for example wine/beer tasting on the boat. Even the program is mainly in Finnish, we will arrange you translators for the program.

The convention is sold-out, but we still have some places saved for our international guests. Please don’t hesitate to contact our responsible of international affairs to reserve your place in this convention:

Aleksi Tolvanen
JCI Savonlinnan seutu
tel. +358 50 363 1157